a)       COMPANY NAME: (In order of preference) – Please note company name first have to be checked for clearance with the Government Offshore Registry.


Name 1:

Name 2:

Name 3:


b)       CHOOSE PREFIX: (Note: this is strictly cosmetic towards the registration process therefore its simply your preference)


Corp    Corporation    Company    Incorporated    Inc    S.A.    Limited    Ltd



c)       DIRECTORS:  (Note: Directors can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world)     
If you prefer not to provide directors please state “ Automatically provide nominee director(s)”









d)       SECRETARY (Note: A corporation can act as secretary)

        If you prefer not to provide secretary please state “Automatically provide a secretary”




e)       SHAREHOLDERS ( Note: Shareholders information are Never disclosed to the Public Registry unless instructed by law)
If you prefer not to provide a shareholder please state “Automatically provide a shareholder”




Number of shares




Having completed application form above we will need the following supporting documents in order for us to clear the necessary compliance & regulations procedures and move straight into the incorporation process:


ü        Notarized Copy of Passport or Drivers License (Directors & Shareholders)

ü        A recent utility bill evidencing mailing address

ü        Due Diligence Declaration (Please click here to download this form)




1.        Would you like to have your company Articles of Incorporation customized?  If yes click here to see our standard Articles and send us your proposed adjustments.


(Please be advised that Prestige can not and will not guarantee that your adjustments will be acceptable to the respective Authorities therefore we will collect your proposed Articles and seek opinions of our Legal Consultants and ultimately approval from the Government Registry.)


2.        Would you like Apostille to be fixed to any of the filed documents?   Yes         No


If Yes Please indicate what document. (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation or Both) 




Corporate Bank Account        Yes                    No


Personal Bank Account          Yes                    No


If you have chosen to establish a Bank Account please click here to browse the list of Banks and make your selection.  (If you’re not confident in making a decision on your own we recommend that you seek advice from your attorney or a qualified financial professional or request live help from Prestige)


Certificate of Good Standing   Yes                    No    


Certificate of Incumbency       Yes                    No


Company Seal                         Yes                    No  (Please indicate if Dry or Wet) 


Corporate Credit Card             Yes                    No


Personal Credit Card               Yes                    No


Debit Card                               Yes                    No


Mail Forwarding                      Yes                    No


Web Site                                  Yes                    No

(Establish your company’s website through us and we will provide full time administration and maintenance)


Administrative Services          Yes                    No


Trade / Brokerage Account    Yes                    No

(Please note that Prestige does not provide this service directly but can refer clients to our brokerage agents and also assist in the establishment of accounts)               



From Incorporating to Shipping:


We at Prestige try to get your incorporation documents in your hands as soon as possible so we provide as standard shipping FedEx overnight service.  Incorporation takes 1 business day except for Emergency or Rush Incorporation which under normal circumstances takes a few hours. Upon dispatch of your company documents you will receive an automatic advisory from FedEx indicating details of your courier and your airway bill tracking number.

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